New Limited Edition Prints

Four new exclusive limited edition prints have just been added to our available inventory. The first two images are from the slot canyon known as “The Subway” in the wilderness of Zion National Park. There’s a previous blog post describing this wilderness hike. This remote spot is along the Left Fork of North Creek, and although difficult to access, offers spectacular scenery for those willing to undertake the wet hike.

The first image is the entrance to the Subway, with snow covered trees above the narrow slot canyon. Yes it was cold.

Zion Subway Entrance

This image is from inside the tunnel facing downstream, with the cascading stream and colorful pools of the creek. Light from the opening shown above makes the walls warmly glow when inside the canyon.

Zion Subway tunnel of light

The next two images are from a recent winter trip into Yellowstone National Park, which I discussed in the last blog post. The first of these winter wildlife images is a bull elk walking through deep snow looking for food. This is a big boy.

Yellowstone Bull Elk

And finally, this new exclusive limited edition is of a female bison, cautiously walking through a snowstorm with her calf from the previous spring.  She definitely is keeping a watchful eye out for her rapidly maturing offspring, which she will nurture until the next calf is born.

Bison Mother and Calf

The new images are available from the Limited Edition Gallery, and are only available from this site. Limited edition prints come signed with a certificate of authenticity. No more that 50 prints will be made of any these individual images.







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