September in the Tetons

This month is one of my favorites to spend in the Tetons. Each day the leaves get prettier. And the views are almost always awesome. For the third consecutive year, we’ve staked out a spot in the foothills just east of Teton Valley in the National Forest. Views from camp are spectacular, overlooking the Snake River with the towering mountains on the horizon. Last week, I witnessed the most vivid sunset behind the mountains that I’ve seen in the decades I’ve enjoyed this park. Great sunsets are not a common occurrence in the Tetons, since the sun is still so high in the sky when it dips behind the mountains. The clouds were perfect on this occasion to produce a beautiful, dramatic sky.

Vivid sunset in Grand Teton National Park

Morning views from this spot are frequently spectacular, as the first light of the day hits the top of the Grand and works its way down toward the valley. Two mornings after the beautiful sunset, the alpenglow light was not only perfect on the mountains, but a setting full moon was also just above Grand Teton.

Alpenglow light on the Tetons with a setting full moon

Here’s to the remainder of this special month.


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