October Surprise

Well, I had a good day yesterday, even if the federal government did not. I headed early over to the Tetons, expecting to be turned away in which case I had secondary plans what to shoot. The weekend was a disappointment due to lousy weather, so I feared not getting a chance at the peak foliage, at least inside the gates.  I got to the entrance station and watched as the ranger directed each car in the line where to turn around and leave. When it was my turn, he let me in and told me, “just don’t recreate”. The wind had blown so hard the day before, I had doubts whether leaves would be on the trees. Last year they did blow off at the end of September. Fortunately, leaves were present and winds were calm. I might have prefered fewer clouds, but they did look nice in the reflections.

Oxbow Bend 2013 Peak Autumn Panorama Grand Teton National Park

After leaving the park, presumably for the last time this year, I headed the long way home through the Snake River Canyon. I noticed peak red colors from mountain maples while driving the motorhome through the canyon on Sunday. One spot in particular near the Palisades Reservoir was just about perfect.

Idaho Autumn Peak Foliage

– Greg Norrell

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